Carl Fredricksen

Carl and Ellie Fredrickson are an older couple looking for a retirement home. It can be a “55 and older” community with other more spry residents as they (Carl especially) don’t act their age. Carl is about 10 and Ellie’s about 13 and of course they are Silverhearts. Ellie doesn’t get out and dance as she once did, but she still gets around. She and Carl, their foster mom and grandma and all the other big and small dogs like to sit out back and enjoy the sunsets together.

They get along fine with big and small dogs and cats too but Carl is not all that friendly with other males. There aren’t any small kids in this menagerie so we’re not sure how they do with kids. Both of them have been dieting because foster mom said so, and they are feeling much better. Carl and Ellie are real sweethearts who would love to fill your home with warmth and laughter and smiles and a few sunsets while they can.