Captain America

Captain America was once Kaiser, but then, things change. He’s coming home to ABR now there’s a new skin kid in the house, and he’s been kinda pushy with his fur sister about who gets to protect whom. So, rather than have a big mistake that no one wants, Captain America is looking for a new family. He’s a healthy 7 year old guy in a fawn coat with a docked tail and cropped ears. He is heartworm negative. He has a gorgeous Boxer face with a white t-bone on his forehead and a white chest. And those eyes!

Captain gets along with people just fine, and he usually gets along with his fur sister unless there’s something special involved like a new kid or food. He can eat by himself of course, but the kid moves around. He is house, crate and leash trained but he still has a bit too much puppy curiosity to be left to his own devices with no one home.

Captain Ameria’s a typical Boxer boy who hates to get his feet wet or go out in the rain. He loves affection, attention, scratches, pets and snuggles. He needs slow introductions with other dogs, and may not choose to be friends with some. He may be most comfortable as an only dog who gets all the attention and affection and knows his role as companion and protector.

Captain America has  been in a foster home for a while as of mid March and he’s doing fine. He likes to play with his human or his toys, look out the window, announce visitors and intruders, snuggle up on the couch or in bed, and take naps. He likes his walks but this big, strong boy needs an experienced handler. He’ll do best without cats or kids, but he’s a big, handsome loving guy on his own.