Check out Boxy’s recent Five Minutes of Stardom as KVUE’s Pet of the Week

Boxy is a beautiful 5-6 year old flashy fawn who is a love bug to everyone she meets.  ABR was notified about her by a shelter volunteer who acted as her advocate, knowing what a tremendous dog she is.  She was surrendered to the shelter by a family who was moving out of state and didn’t take her.  While her life with them was hardly ideal, she was initially very sad and it took some TLC to bring her out of her shell.

Foxy Boxy is now living happily with two male boxers in her foster home and eager to make friends with every human she’s met.  At recent fundraising events for ABR she won lots of hearts for her sweet, calm demeanor with everyone ages 15 months to 88 years.   We were especially touched at how she bonded with some teens and young adults with developmental differences — she was so patient and gave them the love and acceptance that they deserve.  While Boxy does not currently live with children, she did live with children in her former home and clearly misses them.  She is extremely maternal which often manifests in her wanting to lick the faces of children she meets, so any potential adopters should be aware of that in case that might be startling to their child.  In terms of other dogs, Foxy Boxy needs slow introductions to feel safe with new dogs.  ABR volunteers are happy to work with potential adopters on the best way to introduce dogs.  Boxy was wary of the dogs in her foster home for the first few hours but since then it’s been nothing but domestic bliss!  Boxy does fixate on cats during walks and likely would not be ideal for a home with cats.
This lovely girl is a great choice for someone who wants the sweet loving nature of a boxer but whose life is not compatible with the needs of an active young boxer.  Perhaps that is a retired person, someone who works from home or even a family with kids who want a dog who doesn’t need to be front and center.   Once she’s had one short to moderate walk a day,  Foxy Boxy is happy to lounge around the house and keep watch.  She loves affection and will give as good as she gets. Her foster brothers mentored her on how to be a house pet (read: Grade A Couch Potato) and she likes lying next to them and watching the happenings of the neighborhood from the front window. Her foster mom taught her how to ring a bell at the backdoor when she needs to go outside. Her former owners had not maintained medical care but she has now been spayed and has all her shots. She tested positive for heartworms and has been on a “slow kill” method since coming to ABR so she might not need the traditional treatment.  ABR will work with Boxy’s adopters to discern the best course of action and pay for treatment if that is what is best for her.
If your life would be enhanced by a low-key and easy going sweetheart, this amber-eyed beauty is the girl for you!