Check out Boxy’s recent Five Minutes of Stardom as KVUE’s Pet of the Week


Boxy is a beautiful middle-aged flashy fawn who spent her whole life being a good girl and doesn’t understand why she was forced to live outside and then surrendered to a shelter when her owners moved out of state. Fortunately a neighbor who loved her and cared for her (inside) when her owners went out of town made sure that everyone at the shelter and ABR knew how special she was. Foxy Boxy, as she is called in her foster home, is now loving life with air conditioning and soft places to rest and sleep. Her coat has improved with good nutrition and her confidence has improved as well.

Foxy Boxy is living happily with two male boxers in her foster home and eager to make friends with every human she’s met. She is learning what toys are and loves a short or moderate daily walk. It is clear that she was not walked in her pre-rescue life — not only does everything fascinate her, but she thinks that joggers are trying to engage her in a fun game of “let’s play chase!” Her foster mom is working on her “heel” and she is responding well, especially if treats are involved! She does fixate her eyes on cats during her walks so we suspect might not integrate well into a home with cats. While she does not live with kids in her foster home her former neighbor/caretaker reports that she is excellent with children and that makes perfect sense to her foster mom.

This lovely girl is a great choice for someone who wants the sweet loving nature of a boxer but whose life is not compatible with the needs of an active young boxer. Once she’s had one walk a day and maybe a little time to play, Foxy Boxy is happy to lounge around the house. She loves affection and will give as good as she gets — she’s a love bug! Her foster brothers mentored her on how to be a house pet (read: Grade A Couch Potato) and she likes lying next to them and watching the happenings of the neighborhood from the front window. Her foster mom taught her how to ring a bell at the backdoor when she needs to go outside. Her former owners had not maintained medical care but she has now been spayed and has all her shots. She is positive for heartworms but ABR will work closely with her adoptive family to explain treatment options and help with whichever treatment is best for her.

If your life would be enhanced by a low-key and easy going sweetheart, this amber-eyed beauty is the girl for you!