Bobby Bensen

Bobby Benson is a beautiful flashy fawn boy with a face you won’t forget. A perfect white T-bone over his muzzle and forehead highlight striking, alert amber eyes. ABR rescued him from Palm Valley so he’s finishing up his preventive medication for tick borne illnesses and he’s still getting his health back. Some of our Boxers from there are so poorly treated it takes a vet visit or 2 and some time for them to heal. Remarkably, he is heartworm negative. He is happy to have a 7 year old female Boxer and 17 year old female Dachsund as his new friends. He does not live with cats or kids so we don’t know how he relates to them.

Bobby is a calm, easy going guy who likes to amble around and be near his new foster family. He perks up for unfamiliar noises and the occasional squirrel. He is learning commands like sit, space, gentle and wait and he is getting pretty good at waiting his turn for pets and attention (something that’s usually hard for new rescues to do.) He does well on leash with his Boxer sister.

He’s doing much better in his crate and goes on in and settles down so long as someone is home. This 5 year old does not like it when his new family leaves but he’s learning they always come back, who can’t blame him now he finally has one. Bobby Benson has had a pretty rough ride so far just getting to a safe, warm loving family. He is ready for a family with a fur buddy and lots of love.