Betsy Bird

Betsy Bird is an older gal with lots of energy. She gets along with big dogs, small dogs, kids and maybe cats. This little lady probably lived outside most of her 8 to 9 years as she has the callouses to show from sleeping on hard surfaces. She is heartworm positive and needs to be spayed, but this older gal has enough spunk to handle both. ABR covers the cost of hw treatment once she is in a permanent, stable home.

She is new to her foster home but is getting along with the other dogs in the home. Her experience living outside has compromised her living-with-humans skills so things like house, crate and leash training are kind of new to Betsy. She is catching on quickly, but it’s still going to take some time for adjustment to a new life. Some rescues, like Ms. Bird, are not comfortable with all the dogs and energy at adoption days, so meetings in a more private setting suit her best right now.

Betsy Bird’s favorite thing is snuggling with her humans and giving kisses. This pretty lady will come along just fine and be ready for her loving forever family in no time at all.