You can’t help but smile and laugh and give this boy a hug. It looks like Beefsteak has not lived with humans and toys and dogs and cats, oh my, before so his head is spinning just a bit with this wonderful new experience. He’s between one and two and waiting to be neutered until his demodectic mange is controlled and he’s finished his preventive meds for tick borne illness. All of our rescues from parts of the Valley get preventive meds just in case. Beefsteak is around 45 pounds and will fill out some. He’s a flashy fawn boy with a black mask and one of those extra smooshy faces that must be kissed.

He is becoming less timid by the day, except with those scary cats, and is obviously delighted to have dog friends, toys and humans who treat him well. He is clumsy and silly and has no manners, but his flights of puppy exuberance are followed by lap naps. He is so eager to learn and please his dog friends and humans, but if you’ve never been on a leash before and you’re trying to walk and there’s that leash again, it just takes a while. He probably does great in his crate just to take a break from all the new things in his life.

Beefsteak is affable through it all, manners or not. He is learning a lot very quickly and is very appropriate with the neighborhood 8 to 12 year old kids he’s met. One of his dog friends is little so he’s learning to not sit or step on him. And those cats get a wide berth. But humans have laps, and they are just the right size for a worn out Boxer who needs a little reassurance.