Ashton Martin

This little guy had it pretty rough with sarcoptic mange so bad he had developed very sensitive skin with hair loss and bleeding spots, some of them from scratching away the constant itch. Sarcoptic mange is contagious but an ABR foster mom took him home anyway where he got medicated baths, Epsom salt soaks, daily medication, frequently laundered soft spots to lay on and all the love and good food he can handle. Ashton is healthy and loves to play with the female Boxer in the house.

His name is from an ABR volunteer through the Name-a-Boxer program, and Ashton Martin is not even one year old yet. He’s still a little shy with hand movements but he’s learning to trust humans pretty quickly. It’s been a slow process to help him gain weight and heal physically and emotionally, but he is now up to weight and a happy puppy.

Ashton Martin is obviously crate trained and house trained and good with dogs. His photos show a boy who will have a beautiful fawn coat with a black mask and just a touch of white for socks and chest. Ashton Martin has healed thanks to his foster mom’s diligence. He loves to cuddle, go for walks, play with his Boxer sister, and do all the things young Boxers can do. He is a real gem.