Arlo’s foster mom writes: Arlo is one of the biggest boxer lovers you’ll ever meet & should probably have the label “professional cuddler”! He is a 10 yo, large (probably around 80lbs), blonde & white coat, and many comment that he has one of the cutest boxer faces!

Arlo has a gentle, fun loving spirit who is truly a lover boy and all around easy going boxer that loves to be wherever his humans are! His favorite things everyday include: mealtime, cuddling on the couch, snuggling at nap time, going for short walks, & playing with toys. And this big guy is a leaner too so brace yourself for some close company with Arlo.

He was severely emaciated when he came to ABR so it’s no wonder mealtimes are the best parts of the day for him. He’ll wake you in case you oversleep and try to trick you into a late night snack just before bedtime. Like most Boxers, especially Silverhearts, Arlo likes his routines, he’ll even let you know when you’re off schedule. Oh, he can learn new routines too, but why give up a good one? Arlo is a gentle, playful big guy who loves toys and games and food and his Boxer buddy, Ciara. He’s done well with children although he does not live with any right now.

Arlo has all the skills needed to be part of a family, one without cats. He needs a little help with his skin care but much, much less than he once did. He has a very unusual coat for a Boxer, and yes, he has a very cute face. Arlo does fine with other dogs and people, he’s very easy to live with. He has that impish Boxer spirit that makes you wonder what he’s been up to, what trick is in store, and you can’t keep from smiling and giving him a hug.

Thank you, Frank McReynolds, for virtually fostering Arlo!