Annabeth is a pretty white female who is about 5 years old. She’s an average size female at about 50 pounds who wakes up happy every day and keeps that wiggle all day. Annabeth is deaf and she learned to “check in” with her people often so she can see the many hand signs she knows. She has learned a lot from her foster Boxer sister and loves to lay in the sun, play and cuddle with her family. She is healthy and heartworm negative.

Most deaf Boxers do not like to be left alone for extended periods, so having a Boxer buddy to learn from and find comfort with has been very good for her. She learned hand signs quickly as well as the family routines. She has had a litter or two and was probably not a family member until now. She is happy to be around her family and be part of it now she knows love and attention. Annabeth is a sweetheart.

She loves the dog door and is a very good walker on leash. Like many deafies, she will go into her crate to eat but does not like staying in there. She is good with other dogs, might be OK with cats, but ABR does not place deaf dogs with young children. Deaf dogs can be startled and young kids don’t understand, so, better safe than sorry. She is a sweet, loving girl that is blossoming with the love and attention of a family. There is a unique bond between a deaf Boxer and their family, a closeness and presence unlike any other.