Allegiance is why ABR makes every effort to have our dogs in foster homes. She behaved so poorly in boarding and in raucous, group adoption settings that only the bravest foster mom gritted her teeth and gave her a chance. Allegiance has been the perfect house guest; shortest introduction time to the rest of the pack, a well mannered pack member, no accidents in the house, excellent people manners, plays properly and knows how to match her play style to young and old playmates, looks to foster mom rather than respond to dominant female. All she needed was a chance to show her stuff and one ABR foster mom took her up on it.

Allegiance is 3 or 4 in a beautiful flashy fawn coat with eyes highlighted by black rings. She is lovely. She injured one foreleg before ABR, and limps a bit after really hard play, but otherwise no one noticed. She is heartworm positive but ABR helps with treatment that need not be difficult now. She is otherwise a healthy, happy girl.

Allegiance is house, crate and leash trained. She lives with several other Boxers from young to old, and one 6 year old skin kid she likes to follow around and lay next to. She’ll follow foster mom around and lay next to her if the kid’s not available. She really is one of the stories of the year coming into her own in a setting she understands and feels safe. This beauty has a new lease on life and she’s ready to share it with you.