Sweet Alexis was surrendered to a shelter by her owner due to housing issues. It’s easy to tell how much she was loved from her disposition, love of play, attention to her humans and size. She is a big girl on a diet, but she is surprisingly quick, agile and eager to move about. All of that is in her favor as she works her way back to around 60 pounds from where she is now. She is heartworm negative, spayed, up to date on all her shots and happy all day long.

Alexis lives with 2 male and 2 female Boxers and gets along well although the young, deaf female and Alexis look at each other a little cross-eyed at times. They are, of course, princesses. Alexis is house trained with or without a dog door and she goes in to her crate readily although she complains when she is the only one in a crate. She is leash trained but is accustomed to a 6 foot leash that allows her to explore a bit. She is not destructive in the house.

She is a beautiful fawn with a black mask and eyes that frequently search for her people and their approval. She is said to be 7 years old, but her love of play and activity level aren’t common for a 7 year old. Alexis communicates with her people a lot with noises, glances, pokes and nuzzles, dropping a ball in a lap, or jumping back for the ball to be thrown. She seems to understand a lot more than her foster parents are aware of. She is the perfect Boxer for someone to dote on, take leisurely walks with, to toss a toy in the backyard while enjoying a glass of iced tea. She likes playing in a mister to keep her cool in the Texas heat, and scampers into the air conditioning through the dog door when she’s ready. Then she pokes her head back out as if to say “what’s next?”

8/7/2018 UPDATE: Alexis was 90.2 pounds on 6/30 at the shelter before coming to ABR. Today she weighed in at 69.9! She has another 10 pounds to lose, but she is happy and active and an all around sweetheart. We have learned she loves squeaky toys and toys that make noise. She likes games of fetch and tug with her humans and she joins in play with the other 4 Boxers in her home a little bit more each day. She sits and waits her turn for a treat and eats at her place near the others without incident. She is not destructive and is not even crated.