Pretty little Akela lives with 3 skin kids and an older male Boxer and is getting more confident and comfortable every day. She’s 2 to 3 years old with a white coat, amber eyes and big floppy ears. She adores her kids and is very good with them, although she may step on a foot now and then and lean in just a bit for one more pet or rub.  

Akela likes to follow her foster mom around and nap next to her wherever that may be. She tries to get the older Boxer to play but settles for naps with him instead. Tug of war with a kid and a rope toy is about as good as it gets. She is still a bit unsure with dogs she does not know so slow, calm introductions are a must; she is dog friendly, but not dog gregarious. We’re not sure how Akela relates to small dogs and cats. 

This little charmer has never had an accident in the house, she’s crate trained and is quickly learning how to walk on leash and pay attention to her foster mom. Her manners are improving every day and her wigglebutt is ever present. She is heartworm positive, but not symptomatic and treatment need not be difficult now. ABR will explain the options and help with treatment that may be just routine medication. Akela has already come a long ways from the scared, insecure girl that started her journey from forgotten to family. Now she’s ready for her forever family to love her and keep her safe.