Achilles was rescued by his military family 4 years ago from a neighbor. His life has been pretty great so far; he’s helped raise two kids who are now a preschooler and a young teen. He’s been part of a loving family who has cared for him and kept him safe. He has returned their care and kept them safe too. But, now duty calls again and his family will not be able to fulfill their duty and continue to care for Achilles. And so, ABR will help them find a new, loving family for Achilles.

He’s about 5 years old with a gorgeous fawn coat and white bib and that champion’s stance. He is one handsome boy. He knows a lot of commands and loves to do everything his family does so leaping into the car is just the beginning of a great adventure. His teenage boy gets to go on walks with him every day. He loves to play and nap. He’s not fond of baths but he tolerates them OK. Achilles is prone to upset tummies so his diet is pretty important. His family feeds him a special diet and ABR has volunteers who are very knowledgeable about diet ready to help.

Achilles needs a new family. His family had to make the best of a difficult situation and asked ABR for help. Now ABR is asking you to help Achilles make as easy a transition as possible so his family can make their transition knowing he is safe and loved. He’s trained in raising kids, so maybe…