Acai is a 4 year old fawn with white stripe down the front of her face and a patch of white on her chest. She has big ears, one which stands up regularly, the other flops over ever so adorably. She is on the smaller size, probably between 40-45 pounds. She’s had it pretty rough needing medical treatment for a while, and will be placed as a permanent foster, with ongoing support from ABR. She is heartworm positive, not symptomatic, and ABR always works with the furever family for treatment.

Acai has probably not spent much time in the house or living with other dogs, but she is learning how to do both fairly quickly. She does fine on leash and in her crate, and lives with a 6 year old skin kid. She just needs supervision and reassurance she is OK. She has made friends with some of the Boxers in her foster home and is gradually learning the others won’t hurt her.

She is a medium energy girl who loves a good romp with her buddy and then a nice nap on her dog bed. She is very eager to please and always checks with her foster mom to see if she’s doing right. Like many rescues, Acai has a journey ahead of her learning she is now safe and she need not be on guard so much. She has made great strides with a firm, supportive foster mom, and can continue to with her furever family.